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Ningbo Enton at the Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition

Ningbo Enton Import & Export Co., Ltd. participated in the Hong Kong International Lighting Exhibition from October 27 to 30, 2023. The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is a gathering place for the world's top lighting manufacturers, suppliers and designers, and we are proud to be here to explore the future of lighting with the top brands and professionals in the global lighting industry. It is a pleasant thing.


At our booth, you can experience a variety of lighting installations, from indoor lighting to outdoor lighting, from home lighting to commercial lighting. This time, we have brought various types and styles of lamps, including recessed downlights, wall lights, lawn lights, track lights, spotlights, surface downlights, chandeliers, buried lights, step lights, floodlights, cabin lights, camping lights. Our main products are GU10, MR16, GX53 lamp holder and LED class, and our products must meet your quality and performance requirements. At the scene, we also met a lot of friendly customers, and took a group photo, the following is our exhibition photos.


Whether you are looking for the latest lighting products or exploring innovative ideas in lighting design, Ningbo Enton will meet your needs.We look forward to working with you and seeing you next time!

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